Dynamic Genetics V Mann is a landmark case in the fight against the theft of genetic medicines, and the threat it poses to their continued development. The evidence file in this document represents the body of evidence used in the prosecution of Arnold Mann, who is accused of receiving illegal, unlicensed copies of gene therapies, owned by Dynamic Genetics.

Across the country, millions of citizens now seek therapies from private genetics companies. Not only to mitigate health risks, but to lower the cost of their NHI contributions. This has given rise to a growing market in illegal clinics offering stolen genetic treatments at a fraction of the cost of legitimate, licensed clinics.

Every year accredited genetics companies spend billions on innovative research and meeting the Government’s stringent standards. Costs which black market clinics avoid by stealing and cloning therapies, employing unhygienic procedures and using poorly trained practitioners. Not only do these operations endanger the lives of their ‘customers’ but they threaten the very future of medical science.

Until now these black market clinics have operated by exploiting a loophole in the law designed to ensure genetic privacy, making it extremely difficult to convict those involved. However recent changes in the law have meant that we are now able to fight back against this dangerous practice and make a public example of those who support it in order to ensure a healthy future for both the development of these treatments and those who receive them.